Groww hiring video kyc executive freshers - apply now

Groww hiring video kyc executive freshers - apply now

Video KYC Executive

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About Groww

We are a passionate group of people focused on making financial services accessible to every Indian through a multi-product platform. Each day, we help millions of customers take charge of their financial journey. Customer obsession is in our DNA. Every product, every design, every algorithm down to the tiniest detail is executed keeping the customers' needs and convenience in mind. Our people are our greatest strength. Everyone at Groww is driven by ownership, customer-centricity, integrity, and the passion to constantly challenge the status quo.

Our Vision

Every individual deserves the knowledge, tools, and confidence to make informed financial decisions. At Groww, we are making sure every Indian feels empowered to do so through a cutting-edge multi-product platform offering a variety of financial services. Our long-term vision is to become the trusted financial partner for millions of Indians.

Our Values

  • Radical customer centricity
  • Ownership-driven culture
  • Keeping everything simple
  • Long-term thinking
  • Complete transparency

Job Description

  • Reviewing payment of businesses to ensure that they comply with policies and procedures.
  • Tracking payments to vendors and reviewing payment status to identify any issues that may have occurred during processing.
  • Reviewing account activity to determine whether any fraudulent activity has occurred.
  • Preparing reports on accounts payable activity such as delinquencies and exceptions.
  • Reconciling accounts payable ledgers with bank statements or journals of the company’s financial institution.
  • Processing checks, money orders, credit card payments, wire transfers, and other forms of payment.
  • Coordinating with banks, auditors, and other parties involved in the payment process.
  • Investigating errors or other issues with invoices or payments received by businesses for goods or services rendered.
  • Coordinating with the product and tech team to understand the requirements and support from an operations perspective.

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