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• सीएनसी ऑपरेटींग इंजिनिअरः  

मेकॅनिकल इंजिनिअरींग पदविका (डिप्लोमा) आवश्यक. उमेदवारांना VMC/HMC/CNC टर्निंग ऑपरेटींग, सेटींग व प्रोग्रामिंगचा अनुभव पाहिजे. ओकुमा मशिनवरील अनुभवींना प्राधान्य. अनुभवः १ ते २ वर्ष.

(jobs in pune midc)

• पेंटर: 

आय.टी.आय. (पेंटर) + कोणत्याही शाखेची पदवी आवश्यक. उमेदवारांना स्प्रे पेंटींग मधील अनुभव आवश्यक. अनुभवः १ ते २ वर्ष वयोमर्यादाः २७ वर्षापर्यंत


इंटरव्यूः गुरुवार दि. ५ मे ते शनिवार दि. १४ मे २०२२ (रविवार खेरीज) - स. १० ते दुपारी ४

फोर्ब्स मार्शल • बी ८५, फेज-२, चाकण इंडस्ट्रीयल एरिया, सावरदरी, चाकण, ता. खेड, पुणे ४१०५०१

vijay sales pune is hiring


For this job cnc operator and painter partner vacancies have been filled in the company forbes marshall b.85 phage number two chakan industrial area savrdari chakan khed pune. Applicants are required to have a mechanical engineering diploma while applying and candidates should have experience in vmc HMC cnc turning operating setting programing and for another place which belongs to the painter, the painter must have iti. The interview date for all of these is set for Thursday 5 May to 14 May.

job location must be a pune  chakan 

how to apply : candidates must apply for this job they call direct interview and interview based good candidates be selected for this job 

all candidates informe the interview conducted of the given address and on dates and time

also one thing is that candidate who require job in pune they are join our official telegram channel jobs in pune there we are daily uploaded new job news of pune midc and pune other companies jobs 

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